You want to step up results.

Welcome to VISIONEERING™, a powerful business coaching program for leaders with a bold vision who want to take their work and company to the next level (Whether you are a company of one or five hundred). 

This isn't a one-size-fits-all blueprint or strategy - it's a personalized journey designed exclusively to help you better understand strengths, challenges and development needs so you can set and achieve challenging goals.


As your coach, I help you implement new behaviours, develop and strengthen skills, and follow through on the priority actions you need to take to step up to better results. We set milestones to generate momentum and metrics of success to create accountability. You have access to an objective sounding board to help you resolve pain points, gain new perspectives, and focus on completing the projects that matter most. Through the visioneering process, you’ll develop your own coaching mindset and purpose-driven culture to keep developing the skills and systems needed to build a stronger, self-managing company as you achieve your goals.


How It Works

Clarify your vision to keep the big picture in mind, Sharpen your focus on the priority goals that will actually grow your business,
Increase sales with a clear message that resonates and a sales funnel that converts opportunity into success, Save time and money as you navigate growth and consistently step up results. 


I integrate my history in the finance industry building accurate forecast models, finance strategies, and providing profit analyses with my communications, sales, and marketing expertise. I can help you shape how your business can uniquely position itself to deliver the products and/or services you offer to: 


"Engage more customers, increase revenue, and grow a stronger business empowered by systems and a focus on performance." 


The rapid pace of change and rising demands may make you feel like you are reacting more often than leading. It takes an elevated mindset to see your unique genius and how you can make something better for your customers and your team. If you’re ready for an outside perspective to help you focus your time and resources where it matters most, then click here to schedule a free strategy session with me.


Let’s partner together in your growth

Here are my current offerings to create new opportunities designed to pull you into your next phase of growth:  


“Working with Miranda will sharpen your focus on what matters most to transform your idea into higher sales & profitability.” 

- Judie Barta, Entrepreneur


Visioneering Strategy Session

Learn and improve by doing. Gain clarity, direction and momentum in the direction you want to go.

- Investment $1,500 -
Life Plan Workbook. Half Day Planning Session. Priority Project Plan. 1:1 Coaching.

All you. All about cultivating the clarity and alignment you need around your most pressing decisions and opportunities. We’ll explore what’s happening and dive into the full spectrum of options you have before you commit to next steps and a plan of action. This session can help you generate immediate results if you arrive with a specific situation or challenge you want to address whether it’s about whether to run with a business idea or new product/service concept, sales, marketing, team culture, productivity, or something else. 

Once you register, you’ll receive a life plan workbook and a pre-session questionnaire to help you bring your vision of the future you want to create into focus and clarify the shifts in mindset and habits necessary to bring your business and life into harmony. 

Your responses will help me get to know you, your business, your goals and the issues you’d like to address during our session. Links to your website, online profiles and marketing materials will provide me with some background research and inform the work we do together to create the clarity, direction and momentum you seek. 

Here’s what’s included: 

  • Life plan workbook (pdf)

  • Visioneering questionnaire

  • Three hour 1:1 coaching with Miranda - in person or virtual strategic planning session

  • Recording of your strategic planning session

  • A 90-day priority action plan for your most important project(s)

  • Follow up one hour coaching call with Miranda to map out your implementation strategy

90 Day Program

Step Up To Better Results

- Investment $3,000 CAN -
90 Days. Via phone and web conference. 

Your priority goal accomplished in the next three months. You'll have a master business coach in your corner guiding you through the process of implementing your action plan to get from where you are to where you want to be in 3 months.  

Start Point: Visioneering strategy session (see above)

During Program: Weekly 1:1 coaching

Completion: Results assessment and action plan for the next quarter.


“I would be happy to refer Miranda to anyone who wants to improve their work life, sales results, and take their business to the next level."

- Richard Luehr, Managing Director


10 Month Immersion

Where Transformative Success Is The Goal

- Investment 5 payments of $3,000 CAN -
10 Months. Via phone, web conference and a planning retreat. 

Description coming soon.

Start Point: 

During Program: 


Here’s what’s included: 


Your bi-weekly direction and my accountability played a major role in achieving my goals successfully.” 

- Jennifer Warawa, Executive Vice President, Sage



Hello, my name is Miranda Webb (a.k.a mindset warrior). I'm a business coach, writer, and speaker based in Kelowna, BC. Helping people leap to their next level and get on course to achieve big goals that transform how you lead and live is my specialty.